Monday, July 29, 2013

Tips on Caring for Books

1. Make sure the book is not damp and has adequate air circulation. To get enough air, where books must have a window or a hole in and out of the air sufficiently.

2. Try to book the location is not close to the floor. It means do not book a place at the very bottom of the closet. Choose a place that makes them easy on the eyes and easy to reach. Options can be in the middle or top.

3. Position and lined books should stand aside. This position allows air to enter into the sidelines of a book through the slit sheet. If the position of stacked books feared air can not get in and speed up the moisture.

4. Sow camphor on the sidelines of a book or in the corners of the closet. Function camphor to repel moths and reduce odor.

5. Rotate the position of a book every two weeks. If possible remove the books from the cupboard and place for a day out of the closet. Can be on the table or in the open space that is not damp.

6. No harm in giving special lights in a bookcase until it got light enough books. Inhibit moth lights into the sidelines books.

7. The safest way is to wrap books in plastic containers and sprinkled with camphor.

8. Special rare books over 100 years old and sticky between one page with other pages do not need to be forced apart. There own way. Soak the sticky paper in water for half an hour. Then lift and winds in a cool place. Never hang out in the sun so that the paper is not bumpy after dry.

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