Monday, July 29, 2013

Munajat love

God ...
why do you present him in my life again?
When I had really loved her, he goes.
But as I've been able to eliminate love it,
instead he came again by offering a million hopes.

God, ....
I know for sure you plan everything so neatly.
But I can not face this alone.
What should I do?

You must know, must know how I feel about him.
I'm still confused with what he wants.
Is not it enough to hurt him?
Whether the goal back to make me cry again?
If that was the goal, I have not felt ready to cry again.

Should I give a second chance for him?
Wherever I am forgiven.
I even keep my heart that is not filled entirely by revenge against him.
I do not want to waste my time just to avenge a grudge.

But I think, I still have not been able to take back my heart, as a person who truly loved me. In addition there is still someone who has not been able to erase from my mind, I still doubt will pledge allegiance. Promise of what he said when I was completely alone. Promise it really had me thinking for a decision may take it again. But, I'm afraid if it's actually not coming from my heart. I'm afraid it would not be that I loved, but that I needed.
God, I'm really confused!

God, if indeed he is you send to accompany me, hold me to it. Make me always love him. And for him there is always next to me. But, if not him someone whom you write, then keep me from him. As far as possible. And do not allow me to love her though. I do not want to get hurt again. Thee only shelter I could do at this time.</div>

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