Monday, July 29, 2013

How to Take Care of Books

Currently reading interests have grown, make it a habit to be able to properly care for books. Caring for the book was not difficult but it is a bit tricky. If you do not know the proper way, the book will remain broken and can not be read anymore. That is too bad ..

Now, let's we find out how to take care of this wonderful treasure, our lovely books. Here we go!

     ON THE COVER! With given the cover, the book will be protected from dust, and last longer.
     Do not let the books in the sun. Paper can change color and become brown paper fades.
     Put books on shelves, drawers, or closets. Do not just casually, because it would be very sad if the book becomes damaged.
     If you store your books on the shelf, consider how to structure the book. Do not let the book be "bumpy" ugly or even torn.
     Preferably, shelf or cabinet with the book has a gap for air entry and exit points.
     Put mothballs in between a place to store books to repel moths, roaches, termites, and odor.
     If the book suddenly or accidentally WET, immediately dried ya ... so you can still read the book.
     Be diligent to clean the place to store favorite books and favorite us. To keep it fresh and keep it durable.
     Once cleared, reset the place to store books so excited to read.
     The book "Science and the World Window", read on your book so that you can see the world through the breadth of science :)

It's about time you started paying attention to the book as well. Remember always that the book was our best friend :)

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