Monday, July 29, 2013

Love the sketches

Color pencil sketch face scratches,
Dragged to the gates of dreams,
Drift away to a time before,

When your body autumn,
Even when my soul is flying,
Along the flying seagull flaps,
I love the fragrance to anesthetize the insane,

I was trembling because of burns,
However, we separate the waves splash,

Regularly call on your name,
Despite the late drag breath sometimes difficult & in,

Wind O ... please take me flying,
Take me drift away traveling,
Far beyond the limit of sorrow hopes & dreams,
So that I can continue dreaming and daydreaming,

Finding love in a sketch,
Facial sketches from obsolete,
Roll on the weather and age,

Time seemed to stop, but continue to rotate,
But the sticky facial sketches never lost,
To prove that my love is eternal,

Immortal to himself.

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