Monday, July 29, 2013

How Do You Treat Book?

Book should be used and enjoyed for many years. Book is not cheap, especially if you have values ​​that are very valuable as a record of history, and science is useful and actual. However, without realizing it, there are some people who use only a limited book to decorate a room with books displayed on the shelves. Well, it's true that the way you treat this book for? What will be revealed later, may help you to know how it should treat the books there!

Treating both books will be very useful if you want to keep the bookshelves look look better or treating books in good condition so that when there is a desire to sell it, the book remains in pretty good shape. Good treatment can also "extend the life" books, you know!

Open book

When you want to open the book, you should place the book on the table and make sure your hands are clean. Never touch a book with the remaining stains on your hands. Also make sure there is no liquid nearby, like the rest of the coffee or other liquids. When you want to use the first time, open the book slowly, place the cover (cover) parallel to the front surface of the table, and lift up the body of the book upright. Repeat also for the back cover.

Next, take some pages carefully, and open, upright and away from the body of the book. Keep most of the other pages to be perpendicular to the surface of the table. Press little by little courtyard that opens up on most of the pages are enforced and do it several times. After taking part and hit the front pages of the book as well then do the same thing on a few pages of the book back.

The above tips are like warming up before doing the activity. After that, even though the book will seem a little more wrinkled, but your book is ready to be used as usual.

Taking books

When he wants to take the book, be sure to pick up a book by holding the middle. Do not pull the book from the top. If done continuously, slowly it will ruin the book. Also, do not put the books so closely (solid) that it becomes difficult when you want to pick it up. Give a little space, so that when you get more grip before pulling it out.

How to save a book

First, put the book according to its own needs. For example, some libraries only displaying popular books or modern. Rare books placed in special cabinets.
Second, put the books in the area dry and not moist and keep it away from public access.
Third, the book regularly to clean the dust and became a nest of insects that can damage books.

Taking care when using

For the kind of book pages from left to right, hold a book in his left hand and the right hand page load. Go to the bottom of the page in the right hand. The thing to remember is, do not mark the pages of a book by folding the top corner. Instead use a delimiter to mark the pages you read.

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