Monday, July 29, 2013

Munajat love

God ...
why do you present him in my life again?
When I had really loved her, he goes.
But as I've been able to eliminate love it,
instead he came again by offering a million hopes.

God, ....
I know for sure you plan everything so neatly.
But I can not face this alone.
What should I do?

You must know, must know how I feel about him.
I'm still confused with what he wants.
Is not it enough to hurt him?
Whether the goal back to make me cry again?
If that was the goal, I have not felt ready to cry again.

Should I give a second chance for him?
Wherever I am forgiven.
I even keep my heart that is not filled entirely by revenge against him.
I do not want to waste my time just to avenge a grudge.

But I think, I still have not been able to take back my heart, as a person who truly loved me. In addition there is still someone who has not been able to erase from my mind, I still doubt will pledge allegiance. Promise of what he said when I was completely alone. Promise it really had me thinking for a decision may take it again. But, I'm afraid if it's actually not coming from my heart. I'm afraid it would not be that I loved, but that I needed.
God, I'm really confused!

God, if indeed he is you send to accompany me, hold me to it. Make me always love him. And for him there is always next to me. But, if not him someone whom you write, then keep me from him. As far as possible. And do not allow me to love her though. I do not want to get hurt again. Thee only shelter I could do at this time.</div>

One love forever ....

I never thought to see you made me fall in love with you ...

As if myself get carried away when looking at your face ...

after a long time I dreamed about the presence of the idol's heart ...

and now you come in my life ...

I never really thought ...

It turns out that the one you have always been present in my sweet dreams ..

I want this forever myself just for you,

This affection, this heart, this love.

Just for you a ...

Do not want anybody else but yourself ...

Because you only one for me

only myself and one for you

in a bond of love forever ....

Between friendship and love

The two sides are intertwined with one another. Yes, between Love with Friendship.
Can you imagine friendship without love? Friendship and Love are best friends because where there is,

Love and immediately ran over to Friendship. When Love approached Friendship saw her, with the tears that had welled Friendship Love pours out a thousand regrets leaving. Shortened the story, Friendship and Love back into good friends. Personal friendship back to the fun and love was back smiling brightly. Everyone sees the two friends both as a blessing and gift in life.
Can Friendship without love?

Can Love without friendship? Often encountered many people who try to separate friendship and love as they think? If Friendship is embroidered with Love, will definitely be tough!? Especially for those who establish friendship between a man and a woman.

Friendship is a beautiful form of the relationship between humans, where love exists to provide friendship smile and coloring. Without Love, Friendship may be filled with Disappointed, Hate, Anger and the various things that make the Friendship is no longer beautiful. Stop making the line between love and friendship, let them remain a good friend. Love to be straightened is not a destroyer of Friendship, Love beautify your friendship.

Love is often used as a scapegoat just as damaging a friendship. Wrong!!! Supposedly with the love, the friendship will be more enjoyable. For my friends who are in a friendship. Fill your friendship with love, give love the best for your friend.

For my friends who are experiencing shocks in friendships, do not blame Love! But try refining your friendship with love because love will cover any mistakes, forgive easily and makes everything impossible possible.

For my friends who do not understand the meaning of friendship, try to start a friendship. With your friendship will be more mature, selfless and learn to understand that things do not always happen according to our wishes.

For my friends who are disappointed with Friendship. Ponder;?
Do I have to undergo Friendship correctly??
And try to understand the meaning of friendship for life. Desire, passion, understanding, maturity, gentleness, and all good things will you meet in friendship.

Love, Friendship always be beside him. And where friendship is, Love is always smiling cheerful and never leave Friendship. One day, Friendship first thought that Love had made him no attention anymore because Love Friendship considered more attractive than her?

If there is not love, maybe I'll be more famous, and more and more people pay attention to me? thought the Friendship. Since that day, Friendship Love hostile. Love playing with friendship as always, will be away from the Friendship Love. When asked why Friendship Love away from him, Friendship just looked away and left circulating Love.

Grief went up to Love and Love could not hold back her tears and crying. Looked stunned grief can only love his best friend lost. A few days without Love, Friendship meeting started hanging out with Disappointed, Despair, Anger and Hatred.

Properties begin to lose the sweetness of friendship and people began to not like Friendship. Friendship began shunned and no longer favored. Friendship although pretty, but its start revolting. Friendship realizes that he no longer favored because a lot of people stay away. Friendship began to regret the situation, and that's when sadness see Friendship, and deliver to Love that friendship is in grief.

Green Tea Overcome Benign Tumors in the Uterus

Fibroids also called leiomyomas, myomas or fibrimioma. This condition can cause a lot of menstruation with bleeding causing anemia due to iron deficiency. It also complicate conception and can cause miscarriage or barriers when giving birth.

Sometimes, if the fibroids are attached to the wall so it does not get twisted uterur blood supply. If this happens there will be a sharp pain in the lower abdomen suddenly. This situation requires a quick surgery for fibroids binding.

However, if the fibroid does not give symptoms, your doctor will only recommend to "watch and wait". If symptoms develop, doctors will give medication or advise surgery.

Research conducted Dong Zhang and his team from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, United States, found the green tea extract can kill fibroid cells. The results of this initial study conducted on mice.

In the study the rats were first injected with fibroid cells given epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) extracted from green tea polyphenols in. After 8 weeks of taking EGCG found tumor cells become smaller, even the mice whose tumors disappeared.

The research results provide hope for patients with fibroids. "Many women who suffer from fibroids should lose productive time due to this disease. We hope in the long-term consumption of EGCG could resist tumor development, "said Ayman Al-Hendy, MD, PhD, director of Clinical Research of Meharry.Pernahkah you are having menstrual periods followed by long and pain or pressure in the lower abdomen? If so, then you have fibroids or benign tumors that grow in the wall of the uterus. The condition is commonly experienced by approximately 20-40 percent of women over the age of 40 years.

Love the sketches

Color pencil sketch face scratches,
Dragged to the gates of dreams,
Drift away to a time before,

When your body autumn,
Even when my soul is flying,
Along the flying seagull flaps,
I love the fragrance to anesthetize the insane,

I was trembling because of burns,
However, we separate the waves splash,

Regularly call on your name,
Despite the late drag breath sometimes difficult & in,

Wind O ... please take me flying,
Take me drift away traveling,
Far beyond the limit of sorrow hopes & dreams,
So that I can continue dreaming and daydreaming,

Finding love in a sketch,
Facial sketches from obsolete,
Roll on the weather and age,

Time seemed to stop, but continue to rotate,
But the sticky facial sketches never lost,
To prove that my love is eternal,

Immortal to himself.

How Do You Treat Book?

Book should be used and enjoyed for many years. Book is not cheap, especially if you have values ​​that are very valuable as a record of history, and science is useful and actual. However, without realizing it, there are some people who use only a limited book to decorate a room with books displayed on the shelves. Well, it's true that the way you treat this book for? What will be revealed later, may help you to know how it should treat the books there!

Treating both books will be very useful if you want to keep the bookshelves look look better or treating books in good condition so that when there is a desire to sell it, the book remains in pretty good shape. Good treatment can also "extend the life" books, you know!

Open book

When you want to open the book, you should place the book on the table and make sure your hands are clean. Never touch a book with the remaining stains on your hands. Also make sure there is no liquid nearby, like the rest of the coffee or other liquids. When you want to use the first time, open the book slowly, place the cover (cover) parallel to the front surface of the table, and lift up the body of the book upright. Repeat also for the back cover.

Next, take some pages carefully, and open, upright and away from the body of the book. Keep most of the other pages to be perpendicular to the surface of the table. Press little by little courtyard that opens up on most of the pages are enforced and do it several times. After taking part and hit the front pages of the book as well then do the same thing on a few pages of the book back.

The above tips are like warming up before doing the activity. After that, even though the book will seem a little more wrinkled, but your book is ready to be used as usual.

Taking books

When he wants to take the book, be sure to pick up a book by holding the middle. Do not pull the book from the top. If done continuously, slowly it will ruin the book. Also, do not put the books so closely (solid) that it becomes difficult when you want to pick it up. Give a little space, so that when you get more grip before pulling it out.

How to save a book

First, put the book according to its own needs. For example, some libraries only displaying popular books or modern. Rare books placed in special cabinets.
Second, put the books in the area dry and not moist and keep it away from public access.
Third, the book regularly to clean the dust and became a nest of insects that can damage books.

Taking care when using

For the kind of book pages from left to right, hold a book in his left hand and the right hand page load. Go to the bottom of the page in the right hand. The thing to remember is, do not mark the pages of a book by folding the top corner. Instead use a delimiter to mark the pages you read.

Tips on Caring for Books

1. Make sure the book is not damp and has adequate air circulation. To get enough air, where books must have a window or a hole in and out of the air sufficiently.

2. Try to book the location is not close to the floor. It means do not book a place at the very bottom of the closet. Choose a place that makes them easy on the eyes and easy to reach. Options can be in the middle or top.

3. Position and lined books should stand aside. This position allows air to enter into the sidelines of a book through the slit sheet. If the position of stacked books feared air can not get in and speed up the moisture.

4. Sow camphor on the sidelines of a book or in the corners of the closet. Function camphor to repel moths and reduce odor.

5. Rotate the position of a book every two weeks. If possible remove the books from the cupboard and place for a day out of the closet. Can be on the table or in the open space that is not damp.

6. No harm in giving special lights in a bookcase until it got light enough books. Inhibit moth lights into the sidelines books.

7. The safest way is to wrap books in plastic containers and sprinkled with camphor.

8. Special rare books over 100 years old and sticky between one page with other pages do not need to be forced apart. There own way. Soak the sticky paper in water for half an hour. Then lift and winds in a cool place. Never hang out in the sun so that the paper is not bumpy after dry.

How to Take Care of Books

Currently reading interests have grown, make it a habit to be able to properly care for books. Caring for the book was not difficult but it is a bit tricky. If you do not know the proper way, the book will remain broken and can not be read anymore. That is too bad ..

Now, let's we find out how to take care of this wonderful treasure, our lovely books. Here we go!

     ON THE COVER! With given the cover, the book will be protected from dust, and last longer.
     Do not let the books in the sun. Paper can change color and become brown paper fades.
     Put books on shelves, drawers, or closets. Do not just casually, because it would be very sad if the book becomes damaged.
     If you store your books on the shelf, consider how to structure the book. Do not let the book be "bumpy" ugly or even torn.
     Preferably, shelf or cabinet with the book has a gap for air entry and exit points.
     Put mothballs in between a place to store books to repel moths, roaches, termites, and odor.
     If the book suddenly or accidentally WET, immediately dried ya ... so you can still read the book.
     Be diligent to clean the place to store favorite books and favorite us. To keep it fresh and keep it durable.
     Once cleared, reset the place to store books so excited to read.
     The book "Science and the World Window", read on your book so that you can see the world through the breadth of science :)

It's about time you started paying attention to the book as well. Remember always that the book was our best friend :)